How much it costs to develop an iPhone App?

Cost to Develop iOS App

iOS App development industry is a multi billionaire industry, it has an oceanic market and roles integral part in humans life, in last few years, Mobile app usage has a tremendous growth.

India’s mobile application development industry is really booming. Whether you are looking at iPhone or iPad apps, Indian developers can built it for you. They develop the applications that best matches your business and fit into your requirement. They also understands all the functionalities it required for the future growth and to make your application successful.

Designing : (Starts from $300)

Your app UI will play the crucial role and make a huge difference in your overall ROI. As we all know the sayings that “First Impression is Last Impression”, Investing in a good design is like investing in future. The app design will help you convert your visitors into regular users.

The design, background and screenshots you decide to upload, will help people using your app feel more engaged. You can hire a designer who understands the user flow and restrictions as well. Similar to web design, the app design also comes in a package – a suite of psd and png files which fills colours to your app and fulfill your all requirement.

Device :

There are so many different variations of apple device available right now, you need to decide for which ones you will going for. Even alone icon needs 4 different sizings for universal app.

  • iPhone 4 - $500-$1000
  • iPhone 6 Plus - $1000-$2500
  • iPad - $1000-$5000

Development :

  • Simple/Informative App : $500-$1000
  • Database Driven App : $1000-$2000
  • Fully Functional App : $2000-$5,000

Company/Freelancer :

If you will go with certified companies, they will costs you 2x to 3x costlier compared to the freelancing developers.

Payment Mode :

Basically two types of payment modes available for app development, Fix Project Cost or Per Hour, you have to choose either of one. Most of the development process are done through Pay Per Hour (PPH), but it might be costlier compared to the Fix Project Cost.

These are the most affecting factors which needs to be considered before finalizing the development. Above given cost may vary high or low according to your features requirement. After the successful completion of app you need to pay Apple $99 per annum to host and make an application live on store, apart from that there’s not any extra/hidden cost.

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Techcore Technology is a leading Mobile App Development Company based in India, providing their exceptional solutions worldwide. We put out maximum efforts to exceeds our client's expectations and love to maintain trustworthy relationship with them.

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