How long it takes to make an iPhone app?

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We have seen an explosion in the iOS applications in last few years. We may not count but numerous developers are in a race and working so hard to pump out Social Media, Games, E-Commerce, Utility, Functional and Productivity apps.

So, how much time and effort will it take to feed this beast? Exactly how long does it take to build a quality mobile app ? Well if you will ask this question to a developer or programmer, you’ll definitely get this pretty vague answer -- something along the lines of, “Oh, I can’t tell you exactly, it depends…”. But here we tried to justify and set out to answer that question.

According to survey accelerated by Kinvey on 100 mobile app developers, they determined that it takes around 18 weeks (average time) to develop a fully functional & polished app, from start to finish, which includes both front end and back end development.

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While according to the crispycode’s survey they gave the results in terms of app complexity.

Simple App :

  • 2-3 Months,
  • Simple functions,
  • Runs w/o Internet,
  • No Backend,
  • No High Graphics

Moderator Complexity Apps :

  • 3-4 Months,
  • Fully Functional,
  • Database Connectivity,
  • User Mangement,
  • Social Media Integration

Complex or Enterprise Level App :

  • 6-12 Months,
  • Features of Moderator App,
  • Flexibility,
  • Performance.

So, this is fact reason that it’s almost impossible to answer the exact and accurate turn around time estimation, until you are not clear that how your app should looks, functions and flows. Morover there are endless amount of depending factors, some of which are beyond your control.

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Techcore Technology is a leading Mobile App Development Company based in India, providing their exceptional solutions worldwide. We put out maximum efforts to exceeds our client's expectations and love to maintain trustworthy relationship with them.

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