Apple Cleaning Up App Store, Eliminate Outdated and Non-Functional Apps

A New Step Towards Better Quality : Apple Cleaning Up App Store

The word ‘Apple’ is obviously not just a fruit; it has become a brand, already, one of the finest brands and the most popular across the globe mainly for mobile phones and music player devices of our times. This high value brand name comes from the quality it has been keen on maintaining all this time, throughout, right since the evolution of the company. One of the recent announcements by the company is relating to its apps in the store, the company announced that it will be implemented on 7th September with duration of about 30 days.

The announcement declares that the company has started to clean off the useless junk in the backyard of its app store. The company made a statement that it will be removing the apps that no longer serve the functions for which they were designed.

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For this, the developers of the apps that do not function properly have been asked to upgrade them in this time duration. (So developers, relax the date 7th September has passed but you’ve still got sufficient time!) In case, you fail to submit the updated version during this span of time Apple will remove your app from the store; however, the app shall remain in your account and the name of your app to remains to your app only. Other developers will not be able to use the name same as yours. These apps will be back in app stores soon as they will be upgraded, tested, and verified.

The apps that have different names but are the clones in terms of functionality will be essentially removed. Obviously when the company is focusing solely on quality, it will naturally take strict care over this matter. It is against the ‘copycats’ and have stated explicitly that making a few changes in the apps and naming it differently to say it is a new app will no longer be accepted in their app store.

Also, they are becoming stricter about the guidelines and rules. The apps developers have been asked to follow the guidelines. A few new revised guidelines have been published on the website. The apps that currently do not follow them and are not abiding the strict rules will be removed from the store. Some rules over parental control for kids’ apps, performance, Beta versions of the apps and everything has been provided on the website. Other apps that crashed during the launch time will be removed without further intimation and on an immediate basis.

The only reason to start this cleaning campaign is to brush-up the quality improvement and optimal usage of its resources. So if you are a developer make sure you look up your app, the guidelines and that your app meets each one of them. Do the necessary upgrades and continue to maintain your presence in the most renowned app store of the most renowned brand!

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Techcore Technology is a leading Mobile App Development Company based in India, providing their exceptional solutions worldwide. We put out maximum efforts to exceeds our client's expectations and love to maintain trustworthy relationship with them.

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